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Saving For Financial Freedom

As generations grow up, they are compared to prior generations.  Older generations project their ideas on younger generations and often don’t understand the mindset of a newer generation.  While baby boomers felt compelled to live in McMansions in the suburbs, younger generations want to live in houses with architectural integrity within walking distance of amenities with a sense of community.  This shift in preferences from one generation to another also projects into the financial services industry.  While old financial institutions struggle to provide the technology and services demanded by millennials, they also struggle to understand a different way of thinking about investing.

While prior generations are focused on saving for retirement, Millennials are saving for financial freedom. Financial institutions must adapt traditional thinking to attract younger investors. This includes ease of investing, technology, with some personal service while understanding a shift in investing goals.

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At Track Ninja, we understand the changing landscape of investing by providing a smart platform with personalized advice so everyone can invest like a millionaire.

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