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Boomtown, Colorado

With a mountain playground in our backyard, low unemployment, an educated workforce, thriving start-up community, and a diverse economy, Colorado is a great place to live! The result, a booming economy. Our founder, Kevin McNab, provides personal experiences and explores Colorado’s economic numbers in this article published in ColoradoBiz Magazine. As Denver grows up before our eyes, real estate appreciates, and people flock here from both coasts, there are also growing pains.  Twenty years from now, we will look back on these times and refer to them as the good ole days.

Less than 10 years ago, in the midst of the great recession, we all knew things were bad. If we weren’t directly affected ourselves, we had family members who lost their jobs or a friend who lost their home. 401(k)s were being called 201(k)s – the loss was tangible. The media stoked fear and, in some capacity, we all felt it – the anxiety was palpable. During these times, our intuition told us to circle the wagons.  Understanding when times are poor in the moment is an instinct built into humans.  And, we do not forget the bad times quickly.

The opposite can be said of the good times. We take the good for granted and expect it will continue forever.

As a wealth management advisor, I get an intimate look at what is happening behind-the-scenes with personal finances across Colorado. This intimate access has led me to one conclusion based on evidence I see over and over again:

Colorado is booming. 

Twenty years from now, we will look back on these times and refer to them as the good ole days…READ MORE!

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